Unit 1 Memoir Week 3 – Course Content/Objectives

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We are down to the wire with our memoir unit. After this week’s class on either 9/9 or 9/10, you will have the rest of the week and the weekend to  revise your draft at turn in either on Monday 9/14 or Tuesday 9/15, whichever day you have class. Remember to turn in the one-page, typed reflection on the changes you made.

Please note: all essays should have a title. I neglected to stress this in class today. This is what the syllabus says about title (and heading):

To avoid confusion, please label all of your work carefully. Include your name, course prefix and number, date of submission, page numbers on all but first page, assignment label and descriptive title. Put this information in the upper left hand of your paper and all will go well for you.

Assignment label for this paper can be something as simple as “Memoir.”

Also, when you think your draft is finished, when you think you can’t do one more thing to make it better….read it aloud to yourself. I can almost guarantee you will find things to improve. Also, have a trusted friend or family member to go over it for smaller grammatical or spelling or punctuation errors. A fresh eye usually catches something. Finally, read your essay mirrored against the grading rubric. Check to see that you have fulfilled the elements on the list.

Remember, if you are not thrilled with how your essay turned out, it’s a normal feeling for creative nonfiction writers. You can revise. I will work with you until you are happy with it, and will give revision dates later in the semester.

Also, I will put “common revision error” notes up on this site tomorrow after the T/TH class.

In Class:

  • Go over global issues with memoir. Q&A ( notes is separate doc on Tuesday 9/10)
  • Share a few first paragraphs
  • Discuss “The Fourth State of Matter” and “The Estrangement”
  • Discuss Curious Incident reading
  • Pass back drafts with instructor comments
  • 20 minutes reserved for one-on-one Q&A on drafts


  • Read pp. 33-64 in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
  • Read from Bridging the Difference (BTD), “Summary and Analysis,” pp. 39-49 in preparation for the next unit, which we will begin on M 9/14 or or T 9/15
  • Finish final draft of memoir.
  • Write one-page response. Put some thought into this!

See you next week. I am available this weekend for questions. Again, do not email me attachments of your whole paper, as I will be unable to go over them and respond the way I did this week. I will be able to answer specific questions, though.









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