Unit 2 – Summary and Analysis Week 4 – 9/14

awk class photo3

Monday 9/14 and Tuesday 9/15

Summary and Analysis


  • In-class mini-writing with prompt
  • Introduction of Summary and Analysis unit
  • What are basic elements of a summary?
  • What are basic elements of an analysis?
  • Read in-class “Let Them Eat Dog” and do an in-class summary and share with class


  • Read pp. 65-83 “The Incident” novel
  • Read How to Read Like a Writer by Mike Bunn
  • To turn in on Wed 9/6 or Thurs 9/17 – Answer the following questions:
    • What is Bunn’s thesis? In your own words, how would you explain the main idea of his essay?
    • Bunn says that “All writing consists of a series of choices.” What kind of choices do you think he made in writing his essay? How might his purpose and his intended audience affect how he chose to write this piece?
    • What useful strategies or reading questions could you use from Bunn’s essay? Try to describe how you would use two or three.


Wednesday 9/16 and Thursday 9/17


  • Discussion “How to Read Like a Writer” – group work + informal group report
  • Collect Writing assignment (homework from Monday/Tuesday)
  • Lecture – how to do an analysis
  • Pass out assignment sheet for Summary and Analysis paper
  • Discussion Curious Incident (expanding discussion to include what we are learning about how to read like a writer)


  • Do practice summary of Perri Klass Handout “She’s Your Basic LOL in NAD.”  1 page, typed. Turn in on Monday 9/21 or Tuesday 9/22.
  • Read “Making Disability an Essential Part of Human History” in Bridging the Difference textbook. Write a practice summary and analysis – 2 pages, typed.  Turn in Monday 9/21 or Tuesday 9/22.
  • Find an article that you would like to use for your summary and analysis paper. Read it. Annotate it. Bring it in on Monday 9/21 or Tuesday 9/22

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