Preface Events Writing Guidelines and Due Dates

curious incident

Here is the link to our PREFACE events dates. Traditional college students are required to attend two PREFACE events, and write about them. Due to potential travel and schedule constraints, our class is required to attend one Preface event, and may choose to do an alternate activity in lieu of the second PREFACE event. You must write about them both.

If you are able to attend two PREFACE events, I would highly recommend it.

Here is the writing assignment you must turn in within seven days of attending the event:

Audience: People who did not attend the event

Purpose: Evaluate the impact and value of the event you attended.

Genre: Summary and Analysis

Instructions: Write a minimum of one page (typed and double spaced) summary and analysis. Briefly summarize the event, then analyze how well the event met the goals of the PREFACE program.* Please understand the goals of the PREFACE program before attending. A descriptive link can be found here. Your angle will be a little different than providing a rhetorical analysis using writing rhetoric skills.

  • Your summary should be sufficient to describe the event for a reader who did not attend. It should include mention of who was involved and who attended. Use your summary skills to create a proper, tight summary.
  • Your analysis should evaluate how well the event fulfilled the goals of the PREFACE program: to help first-year USC Upstate students make connections to each other and to the University, to practice the skills that contribute to success in college, and to discuss how a deeper understanding of the perspectives discussed in our PREFACE text can inform the way we make personal decisions and influence public policy today. Provide detailed evidence about your experience of the event to support your point in the analysis.

Grading Criteria: I will evaluate your writing based on your clarity of description, depth and quality of analysis, and sentence-level correctness.

Your report should be typed, double spaced, and adhere to proper MLA standards. Please include a centered title (no italics, no all-caps) and your name, date and class identifying info in the top left corner. I will not accept hand-written reports. Reports are due within seven days of the event.

*If your second event is not a PREFACE event, you may choose one of the following to write about:

  1. Interview another student, friend, family member, or professional about his or her experience with autism and neurological differences. Explore the topic based on what you are learning in The Curious Incident, thinking about the differences between fiction and reality. For your review, you would summarize your interview (do not write up a transcript of each question and each answer), and analyze your information based on what you now know about the autism spectrum.
  2. Locate and read a newspaper, magazine, or journal article about autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Be sure to give a citation for the article. In your review, summarize the article and argue whether or not you would recommend bringing the author to campus as a speaker.
  3. Finally, select a book on the topic of your choice (generally between 180-250 pages long) that you would like to see used in the PREFACE program for first-year students in the future. Summarize the book and then argue why it would be a good choice to help meet the goals of the PREFACE program next year.

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