Week 5 – Continuation of Summary and Analysis Unit 9/21 – 9/27

tracy flick keener

Monday 9/21 and Tuesday 9/22

Week 5 Summary and Analysis continued


  • In-class mini-writing with fun-filled prompt
  • The gifting of the Summary and Analysis assignment sheet
  • Read sample article and sample summary and analysis paper – discuss
  • Lecture – Paraphrasing vs. summarizing vs. quoting
  • Casual peer review of practice summary and practice analysis


  • Read pp. 83-115 “The Incident” novel
  • Do all five of these paraphrasing exercises (turn in Wednesday 9/23). Typing not necessary, though it is appreciated.

Wednesday 9/23 and Thursday 9/24


  • Return memoir papers – -discussion and showcase
    • common grammar/syntax/format issues (apostrophe lesson, no space between paragraphs)
    • read a good reflection
    • read paper excerpts
  • Discuss paraphrasing homework exercise in class – read aloud and discuss samples together.
  • MLA/ grammar quiz with candy!



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