How to Choose a Topic for Summary and Analysis Paper


Choosing a Topic for Summary and Analysis Paper

Step 1
Choose something that interests you. You will have plenty of time on your college career to read about things that do not interest you at all, so find a topic you like.
Step 2
Choose something fairly practical and easily visualized, and then brainstorm it. Freewrite it or idea map it.
Step 3
Find an article or essay or paper that deal with the subjects you have brainstormed. Make sure it is not so long that summarizing it will be a chore. At the same time, make sure it is not too short to provide enough information for you to analyze.

A good article will have some sort of thesis or argument the author is making. Even Mike Bunn’s article, “How to Read Like a Writer” presents an argument. You should also be able to discern an angle of vision, what the author is trying to convey to the audience, and how the author does it. If you can’t identify these concepts, the piece might not be right to use. An example of a difficult piece to use would be a sports showcase or profile piece that simply extols a writer, or provides a basic biography.



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