Unit 3 Week 8 – Popular Cultural Analysis 10/12-10/17


This week we are going to get into the meat of the Popular Cultural Analysis assignment, by breaking down the expectations of the paper in a detailed way.

Monday 10/12 – Tuesday 10/13


  • Pop culture flash write
  • Review structure of paper
  • “Wallowing in complexity” (web)
  • A good thesis starts with a question (handout)
  • Surprising argument (handout)
  • Nutshelling your argument (handout)


  • Do nutshell worksheet. Decide on paper topic. Bring worksheet with topic to class on Wed/Thurs.
  • Google and find two sample pop culture texts on your topic. Sources can be online. Read them. Bring list of them in on Wednesday/Thursday, along with brief summary (annotation-length — 1, 2 sentences) of each, and short paragraph of how these texts might be useful for your paper. TURN IN FOR CREDIT.

Wednesday/Thursday 10/14- 10/15


  • Workshop thesis  with thesis circle game
  • Structure paper using outline, tree diagram or flowchart (with handouts)
  • How to Write a Kickin’ Introduction (with handouts)
  • In-class writing – either paper structure, or introduction


  • Write paper – this draft should have a rough summary and conclusion. Should be finished, but rough.
  • Bring in 3 rough drafts of paper for peer review on Mon/ Tues 10/26 -10/27



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