Bonus College Application Essay Tips!


Since many students have asked me about the college application essay, and I don’t have time to help everyone individually,  I thought I would put together a few resources for you to use when writing your essays, if you haven’t already written them.

The college application essay is an opportunity to demonstrate how well your thinking process manages abstract to concrete ideas, how you organize your thoughts, and how well you can think through a topic.

A college essay is an opportunity to create a real person – you- that the admissions committee can relate to, not just another student writing about the death of a grandparent, or the impact a foreign missions trip had on their awareness of poverty (common themes to avoid). Use the essay to create a literary holograph of what makes you tick, images and language that brings you to life right there on the admissions conference table.

A college essay is an opportunity to demonstrate why you would be a valuable addition to their student body, to set your achievements, goals and ideas apart from the masses of students.

A college essay, when done right, will help you shine a light on who you really are, and why you deserve to go to your dream school.

We all love sample essays. Here is a collection of application essays that worked for the Johns Hopkins undergrad admissions committee.

Here is a big collection of essays that worked at colleges including Stanford, Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley, and more, as well as samples from the Common App. If you click on the school logo to the right of the essay listing, it will take you to all of the posted essays by that school. At the bottom of each essay are pros and cons.

The Daily Beast has a collection of essays


Finally, I want to share the College Confidential website with you all, if you don’t already live on it.

They have a forum where people who have already gotten in to schools you are interested will “chance you,” based on your test credentials, grades, extracurriculars,  and such.

Also, there is a lot of college info on there outside of their forum. I encourage you  to check it out.



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