Sample Critical Response Papers

I found USC Upstate’s paper English literary file! There is one critical response paper called “Where to Draw the Line Between Transracial Adoption.” Check it out.   this is about 1500 words.  It is first-person heavy. A little too much for our assignment, but the student does use primary research. The tone is also less academic than we are looking for with our assignment.  This essay is about 580 words. About 1/3 of the length we are looking for with our essays, but it is fairly solid.  Sample 2 is about 1225 words, a little short of our goal, but it is close in pacing to what we are looking for with our assignment.

I hesitate to share this website, because it is an essay-writing site that sells term papers. Do not use this. You will get caught and it will not go well for you. However, the little sample essays are not too shabby. They include outlines. This should help you with your writing process to see the outline modeled, then read the paper. Here is one:  This is 1449 words, just about at where you should be with this paper assignment.

Here is a page with several more:

Again, don’t ever buy an essay. It is outright cheating. As well, I will be collecting Word Docs of this paper when we turn in the hard copy of the final draft, and will be using Turnitin software for the final assignment. Other than that, have fun.







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